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From On My Way
the autobiography of
Bob Nash

“How rich the furniture of the minds around the Millers’ table! I wish I’d kept a diary of the people, the meals, the wines, the conversations of all those people. Those were the Golden Years.”

Bob has a lively and active curiosity about the world. Here are some questions he’s asked and the answers found by our researcher Andrew Doman. However, if you have a different answer, please email Bob and tell him! Be sure to include the Question in the subject line of your email.
What is known about Pygmies?
Under Investigation
How do radishes get their peppery taste?
Radishes are members of the mustard family (Brassicae), and it’s likely that their fire comes from the same source as that of mustard: enzymes in the seeds or root interact with other compounds in the preparation (with mustard) or within the mouth (radishes) to produce the hot taste.
Is there an upper and lower limit to the electromagnetic spectrum?
Under Investigation
When did the modern spelling of "Tibet" come into use?
Under Investigation
Are the islands of New Zealand related and are they drifting apart?
Under Investigation
Does the "gh" in words like "thought" come from Anglo-Saxon?
Under Investigation